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Online Research Study for HIV Positive Individuals
* Surveys are related to your Health and Well-being
* Sponsored by Major Pharmaceutical
* Your Privacy will be Respected
* All Questions must be Answered Truthfully
* Eligible particpants will receive $50 in gift cards
* The Research Study will be conducted entirely online
* Get access to the link for more details

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Please Remember to answer all questions in the Survey truthfully.

About the Study

This Online Research Study is being conducted through a collaboration between a Major United States Pharmeceutical Company and the Nation's largest AIDS/HIV Research nonprofit Organization.
The Study is open to HIV-Positive individuals only.
The online surveys will ask questions about your health and well being. Your Privacy will be respected.
Eligible participants will have received $50 in giftcards by the completion of the study.
All answers must be answered truthfully.
More information on the stufy will be available in the link provided after submitting your email address.


You may contact survey@hivsurvey.org with any questions you may have.